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Who are we?

We are an employment agency recruiting Polish IT specialists for foreign markets. We started our activity in 2019.

What we do?

Our task is to mediate in the recruitment process until the final cooperation (signing the contract) between the candidate and the employer.

We create optimal conditions to establish the best relationship between employer and employee. We are looking for interesting job offers. We find qualified specialists. We maximize the chance of successful recruitment.

We focus on relationships, so regardless of whether you are an employer looking for the right member of your team or a specialist looking for an interesting job offer, we operate according to the same principles.

Our principles


No financial risk

If you are a candidate, we will not charge you any fees. By working with us, you have the option of determining the final terms of work with your employer. If you are an employer, we will collect the payment for successful recruitment 3 months after hiring an employee.


A perfect match

By our actions, we increase the chances of establishing good relations between the employer and employee. As a future candidate, you can send us your CV with a description of your expectations and planned career path, and we will look for a suitable offer for you. If you represent the employer’s side, you will be included in the recruitment process at an early stage to get to know the future employee better.


Minimum formalities

We focus on transparent and simple forms of cooperation. As an employer, you have the right to opt out of our services at any time. As a candidate who has submitted a CV to our database, you can withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time.


No exclusivity

By working with us, you can freely undertake recruitment activities on your own or use the services of other recruitment agencies.


Success fee

We collect the fee only for successfully employed employees, not for recruiting. You pay for the real effects of our cooperation.

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