We help you to find the right employee.

Are you looking for a qualified specialist in the IT industry who will have the skills you expect and will perfectly fit into your company’s organizational culture?

You’ve come to the right place! Check why it is worth entrusting us with this task.

What we offer?

For our clients, we are looking for qualified IT specialists from all over Poland. Thanks to the fact that we know the IT industry perfectly, we know how to conduct the recruitment process so that the candidate recommended by us meets your expectations.

How we work?

We start our activities with a interview with the client about the proposed position. This allows us to create an accurate job offer, which at a later stage translates into much greater interest of candidates and the effectiveness of matching the candidate to the offer.

Knowing the job offer in detail, we proceed to the analysis of our database of candidates looking for work abroad. If we find candidates meeting the client’s expectations, we present their profiles, and after approval, we invite the selected candidates for a recruitment interview with the client.

If our database does not include candidates that meet the client’s expectations, we start a recruitment campaign throughout Poland aimed at finding new candidates. For this purpose, among other things, we add offers on specialized portals with job offers, use social profiles and the “direct search” method – which allows us to reach the best candidates for a given position in a quick and direct way.


Success fee – we charge fees only from successfully employed employees. You pay the fee for effective recruitment only after 3 months of employment, when both you and your new employee will be convinced that the cooperation is positive. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to worry about incurring costs for an employee who will not meet your expectations or will change jobs quickly.

Inexpensive commission – we are low-priced, the amount of the commission is competitive.

No further costs – apart from the above-mentioned commission in the case of a successfully hired employee, there are no further costs for you. We take over all costs for the recruitment activities such as job advertisements, personnel costs and the risk.

Non-exclusivity – when working with us, you can freely undertake recruitment activities on your own or use the services of other recruitment agencies.

Minimum formalities – we focus on transparent and simple forms of cooperation. Our agreements with customers are very clear. The employer has the right to resign from our services at any time.

The benefits of working with us .



Thanks to our activities, the process of finding the right candidate for your team will be fast and effective.



During the technical interview you will be able to personally check the skills and qualifications of the candidate. This will allow you to make a good decision about hiring a candidate.



We charge the fee for successful recruitment after 3 months, when both parties are convinced that they have made the right choice.

Why should you hire IT specialists from Poland?

We know from conversations with our existing clients that our employees recruited from Poland are appreciated for at least following reasons:

Knowledge and skills – the level of education, knowledge and skills of specialists from Poland are known not only in Europe.

Desire to further professional development – the willingness to work on divers projects that require an unconventional approach and the rapid acquisition of new skills make them valued employees.

Quick acclimatization – similar culture means that specialists from Poland reach agreement with current team members very quickly.

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